55 ft / 16.8 m ETA Yachts - Sleeps 6 guests

From: $18,900 To: $24,500

Chartering in the Caribbean


Operating in the Caribbean

Your Yacht has been specifically designed and custom built exclusively for your comfort on charter.

Your Hosts have set the standards for experience, skill and professionalism. Once aboard you'll find an enthusiasm for fun that will capture your days.

Your Vacation will be tailored to your dreams. It will be the vacation of a lifetime, unless you are lucky enough to come back again next season!



55 ft / 16.8 m

Year Built


Sleeping Guests


Cruising Speeds

9.7 kts / 18 km/h




28 ft / 8.5 m


ETA Yachts


Captain: Kristian Soendergaard + 1

VAT Registered



3 ft 11 in / 1.2 m


Alex Simonis




British Virgin Islands

US Duty Paid




  • Air Conditioning
  • BBQ
  • Outdoor shower
  • Light fishing gear
  • Indoor audio system
  • Special diets
  • Sun Pads
  • Swim platform
  • TV all cabins
  • Wi-Fi


  • Floating mats
  • Kayaks
  • Mono ski
  • Swimming noodles
  • Tube - towable
  • Wakeboard
  • Water skis - adult


  • 14ft/4.2m RIB 40hp


Crew Profile

Luxury charter yacht crew for BREANKER
Captain: Kristian Soendergaard
Captain: Kristian Soendergaard

Kristian is by all rights a master shipwright, having operated his own yacht repair and wood working shop for years, though his education led him to fine arts, especially in art weaving. Kristian also has a passion for water sports, especially diving, and he is happy to share the fascinating marine life of the Caribbean with guests. Marianne and Kristian look forward to making your cruise aboard Breanker the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation ever.

Chef / First mate: Marianne Rasmussen

Marianne holds an International Yacht Master 3rd Degree license, and Kristian holds an International Yacht Master 1st degree license. Marianne also has a university degree in education, and is a master of the art of canvas work and upholstery, having owned her own canvas and sail loft for a number of years. Her father was a chef, and Marianne was brought up close at hand and instilled with a love of cooking and a keen interest in fine cuisine. Their extensive travels have only served to broaden Marianne’s culinary horizons and gourmet options, creating mouth-watering delights for the many guests she has welcomed aboard for the past many years.


BREANKER can accommodate 8 guests in 4 cabins. The Master cabin has a queen size bed, shower and toilet. 2 Guest cabins have a queen size bed, bath/tub, shower and toilet. A Guest cabin has a queen size bed, shower and toilet. BREANKER is fully air conditioned through out (there is a small additional fee for A/C all-night). Crew has a separate companionway, heads and shower.

Luxury charter yacht layout diagram for BREANKER


January, 2024, charter guests two of them on their 32nd charter with Marianne and Kristian on BREANKER said:

An adventure on the Breanker began with a friendly smile and warm welcome from Kristian and Marianne. Of course we immediately could appreciate the beautiful boat and the quaint cabin, the thoughtful linens and the beautiful waters and islands. I never imagined the countless amazing meals we feasted on three times a day, every day and one better than the day before! The snorkeling, the outings and beautiful trails are memories forever, but the greatest gift were the memories of complete peacefulness as you wake every morning and upon resting every evening. It’s a special peace that so easily sets in when you are surrounded by such special people as Marianne and Kristian on beautiful Breanker.

Much love and thanks,

 Jean and Monique

Well ya’ll have done it again! # 32 with # 33 complete planned/booked!! Always so good to be with ya’ll. The food continuous to be amazing and the times throughout the BVI – special – especially when ya’ll go with us!! Always enjoy Anegada lobster and Cowpet Beach with ya’ll. Thanks for making this trip special for our friends, Jean and Monique and ditto to what Jean and Monique wrote. We love you guys and are looking forward to being with you in April!

Martin and Jodie

5 times repeat guests said of their late October, 2023, charter aboard BREANKER:

Kristian and Marianne - This was our 5th trip and we are so glad we got to sail wirh you during your last season before retirement. As always the week was fantastic and the food was delicious! Although we are sad that we wont get to sail with you again, we are happy for your retirement. Maybe we can come and stay in your house on Water Island. We cherish our friendship with you and really hope you would come and visit us in Florida - Please come!  Love you guys -  We must stay in touch!

David and Cindy

Dear Marianne and Kristian WOW cant believe its our 3rd and final cruise with you! Every trip has been incredible - each unique in its own way. What a treasure it has been to get to know you and share these beautiful waters. We wish you all te best in your next adventure. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta. Send pics of your house and your coral floors. Thank you again for your hospitality and delicious meals. Hugs and blessings

Bob and Patty

Marianne and Kristian. We cant thank you enough for such a fabulous week. Our first trip ton the BVI was extra special because of you two. You knowledge and love of the islands made every experience more special that we could have imagined. As sad as we are that we wont be able to sail with you again, we are exited for your next stage of life. Thank you for all the wonderful meals, stories and smiles you have shared with us.

Mike and Judy

Late April 2023, guests aboard BREANKER wrote:
The Colorado & Michigan Team

Had an incredible trip! Thank you, Kristian and Marianne, for making this week so memorable for us_____ so special. All that we have heard about you as hosts and the Breanker were surpassed by miles! We wish you the very best as you transition to your new life on Water Island. Perhaps you will be hosting us again on land on our next visit. We’d love to have you visit Colorado too! Thank you again.

Joe and Julie

Thanks for anticipating our every need, providing us with FABULOUS meals and guiding us through these beautiful islands! Such a wonderful and memorable trip!!


Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. Your cooking is fabulous and drink making too! We never forget the lime in the coconut drink. This island adventure will never be forgotten. Maybe someday we will meet again. We will have to come and rent the upper floor of your St. Thomas home when it is done. We would love to hear more stories of your retirement. Good luck and many well wishes. Thanks for the tip of celery juice. Can’t wait to incorporate that in to our morning routine.

Love, Mark and Lisa

Thank you for such a wonderful experience in the BVI! We enjoyed everything from the beginning to the end. Your hospitality, your cooking, drink making and sailing was amazing
Love, Kari and Blake

Kristian and Marianne,

This has been an experience beyond my, (our) expectations. We can’t imagine doing the BVI any other way! The food, the sailing, the snorkeling beyond anything we have ever experienced. Thank you, thank you for all of your hospitality. We wish you all the best with your new home, can’t wait to visit when you get settled.
Love, Blake and Kari

April, 2023, repeat guests on catamaran BREANKER said:

Thank you so much for another wonderful family adventure. We love spending time in The Virgin Islands and even more with you as our hosts and guides! We are so glad we got to be your guests one more time on the Breanker. What a special boat! Thank you for your hospitality and friendship! We wish you the very best during your last charter year next year and then “land Ho” Good luck with your house on Water Island.

Very fun! Cheers
John, Ashley, Jack, Phillip

Early April, 2023, guests aboard BREANKER wrote:

Sail Team Six

What a great adventure! We expected to sail and good food but we did not expect such great hosts that could become friends. We loved the suggestions of where we should go and the exceptional meals. What a memorable vacation and experience!

Fred, Carol, Kenzie, Lynn, Denis and Cheryl (of California)

We hope you enjoy a wonderful retirement. You are so hardworking and well deserving of a nice peaceful transition. Good luck on the completion on your beautiful home on Water Island.

5, 7, 8, and 9 time repeat guests aboard catamaran BREANKER wrote:
Kristian and Marianne – One more time for our scurvy sailors! Our “last call” with you has been as wonderful as the first, second, third and so on, since we’ve lost track of how many great trips we’ve had with you. As always, the food and drinks were awesome. We loved having a slightly different experience this time, visiting new secret spots that we never tried before. We appreciating you accommodating our plans to see our friends playing in White Bay. Your legendary hospitality didn’t fail! Remember in years to come that we would all love to have you visit us at our homes, so make your plans!

We love you both!

Dee, Bill, Teresa, Tom, Cheryl, Don

I will miss Breanker and the wonderful vacations we had on her, but looking forward to seeing your next adventures in retirement 
Come to Florida, Billy and Kristin

Thanks so much for all you have done for us. We have enjoyed our time with you on Breanker so much! We will miss you both but hope to see you again in St. Thomas, Denmark or California or anywhere else we can work out! We love you both and you are always welcome to visit us!

Tom and Teresa

Repeat guests on catamaran BREANKER wrote:

Marianne and Kristian, so glad to be back on Breanker with you. The experience just gets better. You know how we feel about the two of you, so no need to expound on that. Can’t wait to be in your company again to share stories, laughter and the love we feel for you. Best wishes for continuous smooth sailing.

Ned and Hector

Marianne and Kristian, Rob and I have been looking forward to this trip with you… a little longer than anticipated due to unforeseen circumstances… but it did not disappoint. The location we visited were beautiful, and your hospitality was beyond compare! And the food…words can begin to describe how amazing it was! If you ever get around to that cookbook, we want the first copy. We hope you have an amazing final season and that your next chapter is as fulfilling as this one has been.

Best wishes and warm regards,

Kristen and Rob 

Kristian and Marianne – We are so happy to have made it back for us second trip with you! The scenery is beautiful of course, but what REALY makes this trip and keeps us coming back is you. You two are the very best hosts and the most wonderful people. We loved hearing all of your stories and learning about your home. Happy for you but sad for us, that you’ll only have one more season – we’ll need to work on getting back!! Or maybe visiting Denmark! Or both!!

Much love, 
Aaron and Jodi