47 ft / 14.3 m Nautitech - Sleeps 7 guests

From: $13,100 To: $21,750

Chartering in the Caribbean

About NEMO

Operating in the Caribbean

Comfort travels with you: the two hulls of the catamaran guarantee an excellent stability and then assure a pleasant navigation, without sharp movements nor extreme inclinations like on a monohull sailing boat.
That's why a holiday aboard Nemo is ideal also for kids, who can move safely onboard and play on the wide fore nets.
Nemo is also equipped with many optionals, such as solar panels, generator and water maker- so can operate at anchorage without the need to dock.
Nemo's all inclusive cruise has been created to fill your moments up with unforgettable remembrances.
Including the culinary ones: on the catamaran tastes and flavours are not at random and every meal becomes a little gastronomical discovery, a journey through refined dishes and very genuine ingredients, from onboard-made bread, pizza and yoghurt to barbecue nights and sunset cocktails.
We've chosen to produce our own drinkable water by desalinating sea water and filtrating it with a specific reverse osmotic water purifier to guarantee its bacteriological pureness. The huge environmental benefit is not to use and waste hundreds of plastic bottles.
Onboard-produced water is kept cool (and sparkling if desired) using glass bottles, with the same method of yoghurt production. Nemo is equipped with two 66 x 130 cm solar panels with 315 W/h energy production and two aeolian generators that satisfy all the energetic needs of common utilities such as light, battery chargers, fridge and freezer, using the solar energy accumulated during day time and the aeolic one gathered in every breezy moment, day and night.
New for 2020, Nemo has all new cockpit cushions made with environmentally certified fabrics.
For more information visit

View from above





Cabin Bow




Water toys

Floating Cabana!!




Fresh baked bread

Fruit and rum dream

Beautiful touches

Delicious cuisine

Healthy and tasteful cuisine

Heavenly desserts

Delicious food



47 ft / 14.3 m

Year Built


Sleeping Guests


Cruising Speeds

8 kts / 14.8 km/h


2X54 HP CV Volvo


28 ft / 8.5 m




Captain: Santiago Aranguren + 1



VAT Registered



3 ft 11 in / 1.2 m






British Virgin Islands

US Duty Paid




  • BBQ
  • Deck shower
  • Fishing gear - light
  • Hammocks
  • Ice maker
  • Owner operator


  • Bluray library
  • Indoor audio system
  • Outdoor audio system
  • Wi-Fi


  • Floating mats
  • Inflatable floating island
  • Kayaks multiple
  • Kneeboard
  • Mono ski
  • Paddleboard
  • Tube - towable
  • Wakeboard
  • Water skis - adult


  • 12ft/3.9m AB 15hp


  • Diving by arrangement
  • Snorkelling gear

Crew Profile

Luxury charter yacht crew for NEMO
Captain: Santiago Aranguren (36)
Captain: Santiago Aranguren

Santi - June 8, 1985 (35) - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Santi grew up in San Isidro (Buenos Aires), where he lived with his parents and seven brothers until he was 19 years old. All men! With a large family, there was always much organization.

At the age of 20, he traveled to New Zealand to work and for the travel experience. Then he went to live in Spain for one year, working in a hostel reservation center for Europe.

From a very young age (5 years old), he started sailing an Optimist, and then as a cadet until 17 years old. He plays different sports, but his hobby is making electric LEGO trains.

His family always had a boat (sailboat and (powerboat) cruise ship), so he was always in contact with the water, his great passion.

Santi went to “Marín School”. Moreover, he is self-taught in all matters of technology and processes. He has dedicated many years to these tasks.

His friends define him as an introverted, executive, and fun person.

"Only one thing makes a dream impossible: The fear of failure."

Chef/Hostess: Lucia Valentini (29)
Chef/Hostess: Lucia Valentini

Luli - January 5, 1992 (28) - Buenos Aires, Argentina

For her first 28 years, Luli lived with her parents and three sisters in San Isidro, a very beautiful, quiet city with green spaces and a coastal area.

As a child, she went to the club almost every weekend and played with her friends. That is where her love for boats began. The club is near the river, and she could see everyone hoisting their sails.

Many friends had boats so many times we went sailing. In 2017 she bought her first boat with Santiago that they enjoyed every weekend and on day-offs.

Luli studied at “La Unidad School”, graduating as a Passenger Cabin Crew. For eight years, she worked in a travel agency arranging itineraries and sales of tourist services.

Her hobby is making crafts such as knitting in two rows or the macramé technique. Moreover, her favorite sport is riding a bike.

Luli's friends define her as fun, Natural, and very perfectionist.

"Kiss slowly, Speak clearly, Fail a little, Dance a lot, Love hard and Laugh really."

Our Service

We want our guests to feel at home with quality service. We will work to give them the space to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, we will always be at their disposal for the new adventure of each day. We love what we do: preparing each trip, each itinerary, each navigation, and each meal so that they will always be comfortable and relaxed.

"On a good vacation, you have nothing to do, and you have all day to do it."

industry. She says, “All my previous experiences allowed me to master the kitchen, provide high-quality, individual service, and second the captain in maneuvers. I am a simple person, and my job as cook, hostess and mate makes me very happy.”

Working in top island restaurants has allowed Priscilla to excel at West Indian recipes using local ingredients. Her other favorite culinary style is Mediterranean. Guests particularly rave about her fresh fish tartare and carpaccio, her coconut custard, and other decadent desserts. Fattening, yes, but Priscilla organizes hikes, games, theme nights and water sports play, so burning off calories is as much fun as putting them on. Plus, she never goes anywhere without her juggling balls. Her motto: nothing is impossible.


3rd queen has single bunk bed with entrance through queen cabin and shares the queen cabin head.
 **Bunk only available for age 12 and under.
4th queen cabin is crew use only.
1. Nemo offers personalized containers for drinking water to their clients so they can either use the desalinated boat water that has been through 7 filters, or large water bottle containers for refill. To help save the planet no small plastic bottles are bought.
2. NEMO does not buy disposable plastic plates or cups.
3. There's an eco dishwasher on board that only uses 3 gallons of water each cleaning cycle.
4. Clients are encouraged to open their hatches at night to avoid using A/C.
5. NEMO uses biodegradable cleaning products and cleaning cloths for cleaning boat interior.
6. Natural bio-degradable cosmetic products on board (includes body wash and shampoo).

Luxury charter yacht layout diagram for NEMO


Mid- May, 2021 guests in the Sint Maarten area aboard catamaran NEMO wrote:

Luli, Santi, thank you for a very wonderful week aboard Nemo. Stacy, Kimmie and myself enjoyed every moment.
 We are all so exited for your new life on the water and away from the office. We enjoyed getting to know you both and learning about your home country. We hope to be back soon for another charter with you both.
Love The Dobbins
Brian Stacy Kimmie

Jan 2021

Guys, we've had a perfect few days in your company. We enjoyed tasty meals, talks under the moon, some of us also learned to appreciate sailing and enjoy the wind, in short, a repeatable and recommendable experiment. On the other hand, your warmth made us feel that we were among friends and it was all much easier. Thank you very much for everything and we wish you the best.

Paloma, Rosario, Ramiro and Dante

Dec 2020

Luli and Santi
It was such a pleasure to spend the end of 2020 and the New Year's celebration of 2021. We shared the seas and the moon and delightful meals on your wonderful boat with your delightful company. We learned to sail in the winds and rain and explore the Islands with your guidance and curiosity. We wish you a magical year sailing, great company, and many stories to remember the year of 2021. Please tell us when you two are in the States and we will tell you when we are back to the Caribbean.
Friends forever!
Joe and Terry

18-25 May 2019 - We loved it!                                                                    

Thanks for doing such a great job with my clients, they loved it!
 We had a great time. The Nemo was the perfect boat for our diverse crew. Capt. Andrea took us to spots we had never been to before in our many trips to the BVI. And Allessandro managed to accommodate all our different food allergies and quirks with the most amazing food in that tiny kitchen. It seemed like he was starting one meal as soon as he finished another. Andrea was so supportive when one of our guests had an allergic reaction. He managed to calm her down and helped her through her fright. It ended up being OK and Allessandro added one more thing to his "do not cook" list.
For those who had never been to the Caribbean or just large cruise lines, the snorkeling and views were great. Glenn, Sam and I were sad to see the damage & devastation from the hurricanes above ground, but even more saddened by the destruction and death of all the coral. Granted we have not been down in 10 years and a lot changes in that time but I don't thing all the damage to the coral is from the hurricanes. The water is definitely getting warmer and the coral is bleaching faster.
I am glad we were able to get all our sun lotions reef safe and I hope the USVI & BVI enact laws similar to Hawaii about selling & using reef safe lotion. We all need to make changes in our life style to help preserve the world we live in. I am so glad we chose The Nemo for our trip as Andrea is so protective of the environment and his boat is living proof that we can be friendlier with the water, solar and wind generators.

April 6-13, 2019 – The BEST time!                                                                    

Andrea & Alex,

Words cannot express what a wonderful trip this has been.  It’s all about the people and both of you were great!  The dinners, the dancing, the laughter, and even the swimming – thanks for the life-belt and noodle!  My very best to you!

We have had a wonderful time and trip aboard the Nemo.  Andrea & Ales have been very kind to us.  Many blessings to you and your families.

We have had the best time!  We could not have asked for a better couple/team to take us on our adventure.  Thank you for the dance, the amazing food and constant laughter.  Good luck in all your future endeavors with the wife & Orlando.

“The Truffle Shuffle” 😊

March 2-9, 2019 ~ DELICIOSO!                                                                    

We had such a wonderful time with Andrea and Alessandro. The places we stayed the night and anchored were fantastic. It was wonderful that Andrea wasn't afraid to throw the anchor down. That made the locations really unique and simply beautiful. And Alessandro's cooking... DELICIOSO!!! I loved both of their personalities. They were so nice and easy to get along with. They were both great with the kids which made it even better. The kids really got close to them.

When you get a chance, could you please send me Alessandro's email? I'd like to keep in touch with him too and get a recipe or two.

2-9 March, 2019 - Experience of a Lifetime!

Andrea & Alessandro:
What an amazing week! The new Willy at 2 1/2 Alex will never forget. Salt Island- one man's trash is another man's treasure. Ana's shark at
Cooper island. The Baths triathlon- swim, drink, climb rocks. Soggy Dollar Disney World and Foxy's rum. Last but not least Waterlemon bay
(or whatever is called)- turtles,turtles, turtles-lest we forget we have to return because Alex owes you a pinky toe and we need to come back to check on the ômediocreö cooking. We've had many trips but this was one of the best. See you again

Andrea and Alessandro. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime. This was my first sailing trip and I will cherish the beautiful and fun
memories for eternity. Thank you for all the delicious meals and the adventurous island hopping stops. Thanks for sharing Nemo with us for
this fantastic family vacation. You both rock!
Sei il migliore!
Grazie Lily

Andrea & Alessandro, what an amazing experience with the kids. This has been my favourite trip of all the BVI sailing trips we've done. The
daily anchorages have been one of a kind. Love the secluded and unique places you took us to! I am so gladthe kid's first trip was with you
guys. You both have a very sweet way with the kids. Ana and Alex will never forget this experience or you both. The food, delicioso!!The
drinks...the best painkillers & caipiroskas!
Love the sweet potatoes, the steak, the shrimps with avocado, che cheddar chicken, I can't remember them all!Yummy
Thank you for taking us to see the turtles, we love tortugas!
We will not forget you. Please visit us in Orlando. We will see you again. Until next time, love

17-24 Feb, 2019 - A Fantastic Voyage!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! When Nick invited us on this week long charter, we knew it would be great, but it turned out to be much more than we expected! Thank you for listening to how we were interested in spending our time and taking us to so many fascinating snorkeling spots! We were taken care of at every turn. And the food!
Petra is a wonderful chef- what a treat for me to have delicious meals prepared everyday! Petra too listened to exactly what we enjoy eating to each meal was wonderful! And when we weren't in the water, we enjoyed the company of you and Petra so much. Both of you- with your families- are welcome in Boston anytime- we sincerely mean that, and would love a surprise email or call that you're coming!
Thank you Andrea and Petra!

Your questionnaire about our likes and dislikes before leaving was so detailed that we filled it out fully and were amazed at how faithfully
you followed it! We discovered that you knew our preferences so well that all your suggestions were perfect. Andrea, your knowledge of
sailing and tides and bird and flora and fauna is astonishing!You were both so engaging and personable and sincere- we will always smile now whenever we hear the name Nemo.Please do visit us, we have lots of space for you and your friends and Orlando!

Thank you Andrea and Petra! This week off was precisely what I needed and I think my parents would agree. The trip was fantastic. I have to
say that what made this voyage better than most us how much you and Petra listened. It sounds small but every single piece of feedback or
preference listed was acknowledged and acted on. It was five star, personalized service. We aren't difficult people. But your handling of
simply everything allowed us to relax- even my mom who doesn't eat cheese!
Thank you so much for your friendliness, expertise, humor, stories and camaraderie for the past week. We will be back on Nemo.
Petra your cooking was sublime. One of the best charters!
Please stay in touch

15-22 December, 2018 in Virgins – Spectacular!!

It started out just as an idea early in the year.  After a little research, the decision came together quickly.  We knew a tour around the BVIs would be an experience, but this was well beyond our expectations!  The weather was great, the shore excursions were memorable (and a little rowdy), and swimming and snorkeling kept us moving.  But what really put this over the top was Captain Andrea & Chef Gigi!  Thank you for making this such a wonderful vacation and the unexpected gift of two families eating every meal together for 7 straight days.  Simply spectacular!!

Perry, Sarah, Katie & Leah, Anderson, Kendra, Parker & Peyton

30 June - 6 July, 2018 - Comment from broker after the charter.
I heard only a quick note from the client; that they had a great time and they were heading out to extend their charter.

25 March - 1 April, 2018
All good, lovely captain and crew.

20- 27 December, 2017, Christmas in the Virgins Islands!

We really enjoyed our week with you both on our Island Christmas! It was  so much fun and very relaxing and you both made it extra special.  Thank you for sharing stories of your adventures and all the places you’ve visited with us! You have so much sailing knowledge and are great about teaching.  Chiara was so sweet and we enjoyed her stories as well as her delicious cooking.  We miss you and the islands already.

3-6 March, 2017 ~ Outstanding!!
I just want to thank you for once again making my clients dreams come true and for doing an outstanding job! I never have to worry when I place guests onboard NEMO as the results and comments are always the same.

The crew are fabulous. They are outstanding! Warm, flexible, and easy going. Obviously very skilled and knowledgeable. A great crew for sure. The trip was outstanding. For the short trip, avoiding customs was the right thing. We were not held back at all, and we had amazing snorkeling. We will be back for sure.
Many thanks to you and them!

January 20, 2017 ~ Beautiful Memories

Comments from clients in guestbook:

Billy and I had a wonderful time sailing, snorkeling,fishing, swimming, laughing and exploring the many spectacular and special locations you shared with us.  We would love to share our island.  You both are an amazing team. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to every detail for our trip.  Say hello to all the turtles for us! Thank you for the many memories.

With love and much peace,

Billy & Stacy

Thank you so much for a positively amazing experience!  It was truly a wonderful week and your hospitality is second to none. Everything was simply perfect, no need to change a thing.  What I enjoyed the most was meeting and talking to you both.  Brian and I truly appreciate all that you’ve done to make this trip so very special.  You have an open invitation to Long Island at any time.  We will be contacting you closer to May for suggestions in Milano and Como.  Thanks again for all that you do!

Love & gratitude,

Brian & Tabitha

Without you I would still be 39…..Everyday my eyes, heart and soul was filled with beautiful memories   NEMO was meant to be.  Meals were always a delicious surprise and every stop was a feast for our eyes. Best part of everything was meeting both of you. I hate saying goodbye so I will say “see you next time”.

Peace, love & happiness,

Libby & Dan

Feedback to broker:
The weather on the first 3 days of our trip was very challenging and Captain Andrea demonstrated his knowledge of the islands and safely navigated to locations that were protected from the wind. I was very comfortable with Andrea. Due to weather/wind conditions on the first 3 days, Captain Andrea adjusted our itinerary accordingly and we went to amazing snorkel locations and great hiking spots. Val is a great chef and excellent mate. She made amazing meals and accommodated my diet restrictions. The means were excellent. Val's meals were creative and diverse. She was able to accommodate my diet restrictions. Capt. Andrea's homemade "liquid chocolate" and Lemoncello were awesome after all of the fantastic meals. Nemo was very clean and all components were in working order. Our cabin was cleaned daily. We used the paddle boards, fishing equipment, snorkel equipment and floating toys.

I would highly recommend Nemo to friends or family and want to go back!

14-21 Jan, 2017 ~ 5 Star Week!

Andrea was knowledgeable, personal, funny, accommodating and hands down awesome. Valentina was amazing. My belly was so happy. She was also knowledgeable, personal, talented and had amazing boat skills. We all enjoyed their company. The itinerary, comfort of the yacht, sports and leisure activities, food, drinks and entire experience was 5 Stars!!

The skipper was amazing, he was clear in communicating the safety standards for the boat and set clear expectations of our trip. He was friendly and engaging. He was a pleasure to spend time with. Valentina was an awesome first mate and chef! Our mooring and anchoring was seamless and without error. It was impressive to watch Captain and her work together. Valentina was also so creative with my husband and my diet restrictions. They are synchronized in every way on and off the land, and it is very evident that both of them are seasoned and experienced sailors. Every day was wonderful and tailored to our needs.

The boat and its amenities are wonderful, the beds are so comfortable and Valentina’s attention to detail of our cabins each day was impressive.

The itinerary was perfect and customized to our group’s interests. The activities and equipment were excellent and we did not even use all the equipment available. The crew just knew what we needed before we did and often surprised us. We really enjoyed the paddle boards and the giant inflatable, and fat boys of course.

The food and drinks were fabulous! Again, the attention to detail paring the wine and cocktails with our food was spot-on. We all enjoyed the variety of cocktails and the Captain’s creativity with the after-dinner drinks.

The entire experience was incredible. The environmental sustainability and “earth first” approach that Nemo provides its guests is top rate! As an environmental educator, it was so refreshing to see a boat so deeply connected to the preservation of the environment. 5 Stars all the way around.

I cannot say enough about Andrea and Valentina and the experience that we had on Nemo. It was truly wonderful from start to finish, and is definitely something I would repeat and have already recommended them to several friends. I thoroughly enjoyed every day of our trip and although the place is beautiful and the boat great, it is the people that made this journey truly special. 5 Star.

November 19-25, 2016 ~BVI~ Feedback to Broker: 

Marti and I had a wonderful time. Andrea and Valentina were very knowledgeable and showed us parts of the BVI we had not seen before. They really know the great snorkeling spots and the fun commercial ports. The meals were excellent and Valentina did a fine job surprising Marti with special dishes that met her dietary restrictions. Andrea had a lot of fun showing off his new floating cabana and we had a ball trying to get on it.  I personally enjoyed the sailing.  That was really a lot of fun.

Dennis and Marti

We echo the Dennis &Marti's comments about Nemo. The added wonder was how Valentina was able to prepare those fabulous meals for all of us in that tiny kitchen. We also enjoyed learning a little more about their way of life in Italy which was very educational. This is one hard working couple who aim to please.

Tom & Nancy 

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto...

Sorry for a delayed response. We too had a great time. We especially enjoyed Valentina's cooking and  Andrea's willingness to share his knowledge and skill.

They are a delightful couple,and it is their personal touch that made the trip memorable.


Gary & Linda

November 19-25, 2016 ~BVI~ Outstanding!! Guest Book Comments:
This sort of trip/cruise is a first time for us, so we did not know what to expect. Now we know. We have been very well, and we have been given many excellent opportunities to explore, both on land and sea. Beyond that, excellent food and company was provided by our crew, outstanding and will be remembered!

The BVI like we have never seen it before. Beaches we have never been to before are so much better from the Nemo. Andrea and Valentina were so good about sharing stories and information about previous sailing. Good for finding turtles and rays. Thanks for all the memories and great food, drinks and companionship. Happy Thanksgiving!

July 3 - 10, 2016 ~ Loved Every Minute!
What a wonderful way to spend a family vacation. Everyone together and a different place every day. We loved every minute. Thank you Andrea and Valentina for the hospitality. We will definitely miss the beautiful views and Valentina's wonderful cooking of gourmet Italian meals. Andrea's conch shell alarm is a great way to wake up ;) Cheerz

June 25 - July 2, 2016 - USVI ~ Absolutely Amazing!
We returned from our catamaran vacation last night. While it was still fresh in my mind, I wanted to pass on that we had an absolutely amazing vacation. Andrea and Valentina were the BEST crew a family could ever ask for. I would recommend the Nemo to anyone and everyone.Thank you again!
Tyler, Ellen and Alexis

June 4, 2016– Awesome Experience!!

Hi Andreas& Valentina,

Thanks so much for a wonderful vacation aboard Nemo. We really enjoyed sailing the BVI and USVI with you.  It was an awesome experience!!  Thanks for putting up with us this week.

Please keep in touch.  We would love to go sailing again.  Matthew and I might even like to join you on a re-positioning or transatlantic crossing. 

It has been great getting to know you this week.


Kevin, Jennifer & Matthew

Indiana, USA

April 17-23, 20126  Great Boat & Crew
Guest Book Comments:
This was our first sailing trip and both Gregg and I are very happy we did the cruise on the Nemo with Andrea and Valentina. Their level of sailing experience and expertise puts you at ease immediately. Once I learned about their years of experience sailing the BVI's as well as Greece and crossing the oceans between the two 'hubs' for four straight years - any concerns I had about our safety and their ability to navigate through any climate or condition vanished! Valentina is an excellent chef and every meal was truly amazing - Andrea is a wicked bartender as well and every action taken by either of them was truly in service to one of us or the overall mission of the trip which was to sail the BVI's safely and have a blast! Plus, their knowledge of marine life, the nooks and crannies of that landscape, where to find the best spots for snorkeling, swimming, partying, sun setting - you name it - they knew it and could get us there with ease and grace! Honestly, it was like have a crew and a guide, and a personal chef and, and, and...I could just go on about how wonderful they are - so, in keeping with all that - of course, the boat was impeccable, immaculate and perfectly cared for - very lovely in every way.

Anyone who has a passion for sailing, snorkeling, or traveling the BVI's by charter boat is particularly fortunate if the Nemo is available for charter!

I second everything Ginny wrote. I couldn't have said it better myself! Great boat and crew.

Feedback to the Broker:
Ken and I have had a fantastic adventure with you two and Nemo. The food was so good, the cocktails, so strong & tasty. The card game, so horrible and wonderful! If we do this again, we will only go with you two and Nemo. Thank you so much for a wonderful week!WOW! Andrea and Valentina! What a wonderful trip and holiday of a lifetime. Thank you for the wonderful sailing and adventure and Cards against Humanity! Your meals were amazing Valentina! Thank you for the weight gain, even with all the snorkeling. Best of seas for you and many blessings Andrea and Valentina, this was my first sailing cruise and I can't imagine doing this with anyone but you and Nemo! you were great and such an experienced crew- knowledgeable on so many issues and ways of the sailing world. Hope to meet up with you again!p.s. Best food ever!

BVI 29 March to 4th April - Absolutely Amazing
Hello Valentina and Andrea: I am not sure what our expectations were when we booked our 2016 Spring Break vacation on Nemo, but any we could have had, were surely exceeded! From the moment we got aboard Nemo, until the last dingy ride back to Red Hook, it was absolutely amazing. The itinerary you set up, the food you prepared, the beautiful catamaran you shared with us, and all the special "phone calls" Valentina placed for good weather were all are just spectacular. Not only did we enjoy having a great time with friends and family, we loved sharing the time with you both as well. What a delightful couple you are!Shari, Scott, Ilana, Zachary, Dirk, Raj, Lauren and Carson

Christmas Charter 2015
Q. What was your first impression of the yacht? A. Lovely, clean and inviting
Q. Was advertised equipment onboard and in good condition? A. Yes, excellent
Q. Did the skipper/hostess make you feel welcome and comfortable onboard? A. More than we could have ever hoped for or expected.
Q. Did you feel free to choose activities? A. Andrea and Valentina were happy to allow us to choose, as well as change our minds at any time during the trip. There was never any hesitation if we chose to skip something or add something on. In fact, the first thing they said to us was that we didn't have to feel obligated to any plans, and that they were more than happy to accommodate us.
Q. Please provide specific comments regarding your skipper and hostess. A. Both Andrea and Valentina were truly fantastic. Both possessed not only the knowledge and understanding of how to navigate the boat and the waters, but were sincerely passionate about it. Valentina exceeded our expectations with her cooking! So much so, that we never chose to have a meal off of the boat. That includes 3 finicky teenage children. Andrea and Valentina also taught my children some aspects of sailing a boat and tying nautical knots. They both attended to our every need, and encouraged us to relax and enjoy every moment any way we chose to. We had great conversations and enjoyed board games nightly, after a fantastic meal. My husband was so impressed, that he
never asked what was on the menu for the day, simply because he knew it would be delicious. It was truly a sad moment when we departed from Nemo and said good bye to two genuinely wonderful people.
Q. Were the meals and beverages as you expected? A. Yes.... fantastic!
Q. If you made any special requests were they met? A. Yes
Q. Would you recommend this yacht for a charter vacation? A. Yes, and already have. We will continue to tell people what a wonderful experience we had on Nemo.

Nov 14-21 2015
Andrea and Valentina, we have waited a long time for this special vacation and every day was better than the day before! It exceeded all of our expectations and we have loved every minute! You are the perfect hosts and Nemo is a great home away from home! The food and drinks were amazing and the scenery and weather spectacular. Cheers to the two of you for making this a vacation we will never forget!

July 2015
Thank you for such a special week. Our family fell in love with the sea, the sea creatures and both of you! You made everything special, food, adventures, games and lots of fruity drinks! Grazie

Jun 9-13 2015
Andrea and Val, well done!! You were wonderful hosts and helped our family become friends with the sea, you helped us make our family vacation a trip we will always remember!

May 2-9 2015
This was the trip of a lifetime! We have so many wonderful memories to take hone with us. The snorkeling, the beautiful sea life, the delicious meals and desserts, your interesting and amusing stories, the perfect weather....Thanks for sharing your home with us and making us feel so welcome.

April 4-11, 2015
Thank you for all your help in planning this wonderful trip ! Valentina and Andrea were a perfect match for our group. We also appreciate Andrea's award winning pain killers! All 6 of us are dieting after a week of Valentina's cooking! I hope and pray we get to do this again and if we are so lucky we will be in touch again. Pat

 16-23 March 2015
To Valentina and Andrea
We can't thank you enough for providing such a wonderful experience for our family. We made lifelong memories this week and for that I am so grateful.
You are gracious and knowledgeable and fun hosts and we hope to sail with you again someday soon! Thank you
Mary Anne and Peter

Nemo was an amazing unforgettable trip. I will never forget the crew, the food and the amazing snorkelling. We had dance parties and very competitive games. We saw eaglerays, stingrays, trunkfishes and most important, turtles. I touched turtles for the first time and loved it. I hope we can do this trip again. Thanks so much for this experience!

Nemo was incredible, from relaxing and taking naps on the Fatboys to going on snorkelling adventures chasing turtles through the clearest, bluest waters.
The food was so delicious I looked forward to every meal and especially the surprise dessert! Best vacation ever! I love Nemo!
Thank you for making the experience so amazing, thanks
 8-15 March BVI 2015
So glad we found Nemo! what a beautiful week we had. Your warmth and hospitality made our week in paradise all that more special. This was the perfect 25 th wedding anniversary. Looking forward to future adventures... The food was super, the sailing was smooth and the adventures perfect!   After seven other charters this rank at the top!  David and Lauren
We loved Nemo! The crew and the food as well as the warm personalities. We are very happy to have found new friends.   Jill and James
 10-17 January 2015 St Maarten
WE had a blast with Andrea and Valentina, You could tell they owned the cat rather than just worked it. Our cat was spotless, the food was great, our wine provisioning was fine. This trip was perfect for 6 old friends. As Captain, Andrea was focused and very mindfull of our safety at all times. Valentina took care of everything else. We are all in agreement, that we would definitely do this again down the road in the B.V.I.1. 
1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating? 
Very very big yes
2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean? 
3. Was the yacht well ventilated? 
oooh Yeahh
4. Was the food good and well presented? 
the food was perfect
5. Did you like the area you sailed? 
sure did

Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest
Dec 2014 BVI Charter
Really enjoyed our charter with Andrea and Valentina, and are already hoping to plan another with them before the end of 2015! Great food, great people, and impressively competent and confidence-inspiring sailors. The trip was great, Valentina and Andrea were the perfect crew for us!! So glad we went with them — everyone had an absolute blast and loved the crew. By the end of the trip it felt like we were sailing with friends, and Valentina and Andrea went out of their way to accommodate us.
It was clear that the crew take very good care of their boat, and the galley and heads were spotless. Floors, walls, everything else were in great condition — I found myself wondering how they kept their boat in such good condition. The fatboys on the trampolines were a nice touch, as were the custom-made cushions on either side of the aft deck.
Valentina is a great chef, there wasn’t a single meal that didn’t win praise from all of us guests. Andrea’s homemade oils and aperitifs were a nice touch, and he also happens to be a talented mixologist which doesn’t hurt :) Meals were always timely — it seemed whenever we woke up the table was made and breakfast was ready, and upon returning from afternoons/evenings on shore we were greeted with dinner. 
Andrea and Valentina created a perfect “top 10” of the US/BVI, some of which I had seen before, some of which I hadn’t. The BVI first-timers on board were amazed with every morning/anchorage and land activity.
Really enjoyed our charter with Andrea and Valentina, and are already hoping to plan another with them before the end of 2015! Great food, great people, and impressively competent and confidence-inspiring sailors.

 Nov. 14-23 BVI Charter
The trip was great, Valentina and Andrea were the perfect crew for us!! So glad we went with them — everyone had an absolute blast and loved the crew. The crew was very friendly and accommodating! By the end of the trip it felt like we were sailing with friends.

It was clear that the crew take very good care of their boat, and the galley and heads were spotless. Floors, walls, everything else were in great condition — I found myself wondering how they kept their boat in such good condition. The fatboys on the trampolines were a nice touch, as were the custom-made cushions on either side of the aft deck.

I had requested air conditioning, but all we did was use it to cool down the rooms for the first night, then we all enjoyed sleeping with the hatches and portholes open, even if that meant an early alarm clock in the form of a quick rain. Andrea refunded the A/C fee which was a nice touch.

Valentina is a great chef, there wasn’t a single meal that didn’t win praise from all of us guests. Andrea’s homemade oils and aperitifs were a nice touch, and he also happens to be a talented mixologist which doesn’t hurt :) Meals were always timely — it seemed whenever we woke up the table was made and breakfast was ready, and upon returning from afternoons/evenings on shore we were greeted with dinner. 

Andrea and Valentina created a perfect “top 10” of the US/BVI, some of which I had seen before, some of which I hadn’t. The BVI first-timers on board were amazed with every morning/anchorage and land activity.

Really enjoyed our charter with Andrea and Valentina, and are already hoping to plan another with them before the end of 2015! Great food, great people, and impressively competent and confidence-inspiring sailors.

23-30 July St Maarten - Honeymoon charter
Regarding feedback on the charter... To be quite frank, we really would not change a thing. The 8-day itinerary was perfect and Valentina and Andrea were gracious hosts and great company.  We laughed so much. Valentina is an incredible cook and the food aboard Nemo was absolutely delicious.  Andrea makes a hell of a Pain Killer cocktail with the required Pusser's rum. ;)  We did not want for anything food, drink, or comfort wise.  Thank you again!
Jaughna and Nick

May 9-16, 2014 BVI's
Without a doubt, this has been the most exciting experience of my life. The sights, sounds, sea, sailing around the BVI has been incredible. Thanks to Valentina and Andrea for being the best crew and hosts ever. We could not have done better choosing our charter. So many new experiences, too. Many to mention but you two will be a part of all those very special memories with my very special friends. AnnaLeigh
"Andrea and Valentina,I want to thank you for making this vacation one I will always remember. You both were wonderful hosts. You welcomed all of us with open arms and made me feel at home this week. Thanks for sharing all your cruise knowledge and wondeful stories with us. I appreciate all the "extra things"you did for us that made the trip special. The food was great, beaches breathtaking and snorkelling...out of this world! Thank you for everything" Connie
"Thank you for taking such good care of us. We always felt safe and both of you wanted us to have a good time. You planned a wonderful trip for us. The food was great, the sights and islands were outstanding.We saw things we have never seen before. We will remember this trip and how fantastic both of you are for the rest of our lives. We enjoyed all the stories we shared together. Andrea, Valentina and Nemo are the very best! This has been the best vacation ever!Good luck with the rest of your time on Nemo and whatever your future will bring you" Connie

April, 2014 BVI
Thank you so very much for making our family’s journey to the Virgin Islands and back wonderful!!!!! They had so much fun with you and love you so much.  Abigail and David loved playing Farkle with you.  We actually bought it!  I told them not to forget anything and tell me everything. Valentina! Our family thinks you are so kind, warm, caring, and fun. Thank you for the delicious meals!  They are raving about your cooking!  Andreas!  Our family really respects you, likes you, and appreciates your hard work as a Captain.   You ran the Yacht and watched over them like a father.  You made sure when they were in the water that they had the best gear on.  You gave Abigail great advice in playing Farkle!  You are super funny!  BS was a great game too! They miss you very much, already!  Thank you again for the great trip! 
Crawford's wife, Carmel

March, 2014 BVI
My first sailing experience! You set the bar high! From the cooking tips to the snorkeling tips, everything was amazing! I cannot imagine this trip and not being aboard Nemo. I would love to visit you both in Como in August when I am in Switzerland! Thank you for everything, I would love to do this again!

March 2014 BVI
5 nights were not enough!! Thank you for sharing your 'baby' with our family. We will have memories of the sailing and snorkeling and good times for many years to come! and the espresso with Sambuca? Priceless.
We wish you both many voyages and hope to sail with you again soon!
Feb 2014 St. Martin
14 Feb,Valentine's is a good name for our last day on Nemo and I want to thank our hostess Valentina who is an incredible cook! But above all, Andrea and Valentina are so nice, so generous, so professional…that they are a fantastic crew! We spent a marvelous week and I think we'll remember it a lot. Thanks for your kindness! We hope to travel with you another time, maybe in the BVI.
Feb 2014 St. Martin
What a trip! Thank you so much for your time, your professionalism and your sympathy. We enjoyed sailing with you in the Caribbean. Thousands of miles away from Chile, it is amazing! Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to sail in Patagonia. It was really nice from you all the organization, the cook from Valentina, the different places, all perfect. Thank you!!

11-21 January 2014 BVI
"Mille grazie! thank you a million times :) for making our first trip to the Bvi a breathtaking, speechless, amazing trip- from the places you shared with us to the food and fun, smooth sailing, mud baths and, ohh so great desserts!
Waiting for you in Vancouver, Canada!!"
Joanna and Nick
BVI New year charter Dec 2013/ Jan 2014

"This type of vacation has been a dream of mine for years. Through the help of our neighbour we were lucky enough to find you both. He said you were the best...but you are so much more. Since we first set sail, this has been amazing. Every day..every meal..every snorkel. You two have done so much to make this trip the best. We will remember you always..and the Nemo! We will be back..maybe to Italy this time! Thank you so much for everything. Please let's keep in touch" Deb

"The  only thing I could find wrong with this trip was my Italian! Wonderful food, humour, weather, + fishing (2 mahi on the same line!!). Great farkle dice games, although Andrea would not share his home-made aperitif recipes! The level of experience and attention to detail Valentina and Andrea showed us was truly unsurpassed on any trip we have been on. I will recommend this charter to anyone I can. Best of luck to you both on your future charters. Sail up to HiltonHead, SC!" Richard

"Thank you for a delightful sail, we have enjoyed many charters and yours is tip top. Thank you for sharingyour home and time with our family." Vicky and family

"Thank you for an absolutely wonderful week! Andrea and Valentina, we've found new friends in you. You've made us feel both welcome and special-and for that, we thank you. In everything from the exquisite food to the amazing experiences (and Cristina's sailing internship included), the week was perfect. We even learned a little Italian!Grazie! We look forward to sailing with yiou in Greece someday!With love,buena suerte!"
Cristina and Matt------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

October 2013 St Maarten - Birthday Celebration charter

Note to broker during the charter:
Everything is going great! Really enjoying the crew!

Feedback response after the charter:
Just wanted to follow up and let you know we had a great time and thanks for everything!
If you are looking for a week (or more) on a sailboat / catamaran and you look for
- clean and full functioning boat
- excellent cuisine all day around on board (best Italian food, and not only)
- extreme courtesy by skipper and hostess
- extreme knowledge of tourist attraction to make your vacation exciting
- competitive price

Look no further, Nemo is the choice
Claudio April 2013 Usvi and Bvi

We can not say enough good things about our experience on NEMO. Annually we do an adult family trip and this years is still the talk of the family. We sailed St Martin, Anguilla, St Bart's over a period of 6 days. There was plenty of space for 8 adults, adequate privacy when needed and just enough adventure. We planned our own trip with the help of Valentina and Andrea. Sails were an average of 2 - 3 hours, food gourmet - we had vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, shellfish allergy among the group and Valentina was able to accommodate with a flair all the dietary needs. Talk among the family is we will do a trip in the future in the Greek Isles with Valentina and Andrea.
Barbara Feb 2013 Sxm
Such a great time our group of friends had sailing the Windward and Leeward Islands in February. We started in Union and ended up 10 days later in Antigua. The Catamaran Nemo was well equipped and well staffed. The couple that sailed the vessel, did the outstanding Northern Italian cooking and acted as our groups guide could not have been more accommodating. Everything was just like clock work. When plans were made the breakfast was served and on time as promised. The weather was unpredictable but seasonal for the time of year. There were no complaints from anyone in our group. The staterooms were well equipped and each of the bathrooms had all of the necessities for a great rest and preparations for the day. I would highly recommend this trip to any group of friends are couples.
Timothy feb 2013


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